Your daily dose of conquistadors

Hello adventurers!

This week's update focuses on improving the Daily Quests feature:

More quests: many new daily quests have been added, offering a wider range of activities; we'll continue adding more overtime
Improved UI: we've slightly modified the display of daily quests to make them easier to read
Swap a quest: You can now change a quest that doesn't appeal to you by redrawing a new random one, twice a week. Owners of the Follower's Pack are able to do so 7 times a week.

Although we have no intention of blocking features behind a paywall, we do want to offer more advantages or "quality-of-life" improvements to the players who support the game to show our appreciation.
The Follower's Pack is a great way to achieve that, so we'll keep adding those small benefits where it makes sense.

Next, we added short texts about the story of each hero in the Training Ground as discussed not along ago on our discord.
Finally, we took the necessary steps to prevent a few game crashes alongside the usual bug fixes and improvements.

See you soon for the next update!

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