Hi there!

We are Spooky Games, an independent video games studio coming right from the rainy Atlantic Coast and the city of Nantes, France. Right here:

Nantes on the map

We recently released Sacrifices, a mobile game about builders and worshippers. Our other projects include Condor, a modest mobile game epitomizing the grace of falling from grace, as well as some modest prototypes.

Keep tuned for our latest news or let our octopus master come to you and feed on your brain.

Latest news

26 Mar | Sanctuaries Q&A: From Sacrifices to Sanctuaries

Hello there, and welcome to our first development blog about Sanctuaries!

In it, we will answer questions regarding our new game and its connection to the previous one, Sacrifices.

Describe Sanctuaries in a few words

Sanctuaries is a tower defense / Hero RPG. The player leads an Aztec city...