Saving the day (and more)

Hello adventurers!

This update delivers a long awaited feature: the Cloud Save, allowing you to store your progression outside your device, as a backup.
In practical terms, you can now uninstall the app or change your device without losing your hard-earned progress. Here's how it works:

Simple to opt-in: Head to the Menu panel, and the new Profile tab. Then simply create your Spooky Universe account, or sign-in with Google, Apple, or Discord
Easy-to-use: Once connected, your save is automatically synchronized every time you progress or launch the game
Safe: If a conflict is detected, you retain complete control and choose for yourself which save you want to keep
Optional: As usual, this is entirely optional and you can log-out at will. But keep in mind that staying loged-in is the best way to ensure you don't lose anything

Other things this update brings:
• Reworked Campaign Map: displays more relevant information
• Reworked Level preview: shows a preview of the battleground... and makes room for a new game mode (coming soon! see below)
• Reworked Workshop: shows a preview of the trap you're about to buy. A future update will complete this work by displaying all relevant stats in a new tab
• Many bugfixes - so many we won't list them but we thank you for your continuous feedback

Next update

We're excited for the opportunities the new account system offers, and it won't be long before you see its benefits!
In fact the next update will deliver a new game mode, Merciless! In this competitive challenge, you'll have to battle endless waves of enemies to climb the multiplayer leaderboard.
To help you in this new adventure, a new hero is joining the family: Yaotl, a ruthless warrior. You'll love her.

After this? A new campaign set very up in the mountains, along new foes, new traps, an other hero... but we'll dive in later. See you next time!

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