Strategize from above

Hello everyone!

Today we are prolonging our ongoing effort to give you more tools to manage the threats we throw at you. To be more specific we deliver a rework on a feature which very few people even know exists: the Strategic Map.

This map allows you to oversee the entire battlefield. One place to check your foes progression, how your defenses hold up, and ultimately determine where you need to focus your attention.
The bigger the map, the more helpful and powerful such a tool can be!
Sadly the feature suffered a few flaws that we're trying to address with this update so it can reach its full potential.

Simpler to access: we added a button next to your traps to quickly swap to the Strategic Map. No more pinch that doesn't work when you need it the most, or triggers when you just wanted to dezoom a little
Better responsiveness: we reduced the amount of animations and delays so you can swap between the battlefield and the Strategic Map faster and without frustrating constraints
Easier to adapt: to go back to the battlefield you can now select any location on the Strategic Map, allowing you to react way faster exactly where you need to be. Using the button will simply send you back to your initial position

We hope that with these changes the Strategy Map will help you overcome all challenges. Let us know!

Next update we will add more Daily Quests with more variety, as well as the ability to change a quest that doesn't appeal to you by redrawing a new one.

See you then!

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