Hello there, and welcome to our third development blog about Sanctuaries!
This time let’s talk about heroes, the abilities they can use against your foes, how to improve and customize them.

Tell us more about heroes

In addition to traps, which we explained in detail last time, players can take up to two heroes, among four, with them into battle.

Each hero is different, with varying degrees of strength and speed, and can either charge into the fray or attack safely from afar. Last but not least, heroes feature three powerful and unique abilities.

Thanks to their mobility and various abilities, heroes are your main assets in your fight against the conquistadors.

What type of abilities do the heroes have?

Each hero comes with two core abilities and an Ultimate. You have full control over how and when they are used, so you'll be responsible for their success... or failure.

But be warned! The core abilities will need some time to recharge before you unleash them again, so use them wisely.

Each use of the core abilities contributes to charging the Ultimate, a very strong skill that can single-handedly change the tide of any battle.

All those abilities, which are unique to each hero, are linked to the Aztec divinity they represent. Xipil, for instance, is linked to Tōnatiuh, deity of the sun, and thus will use fire abilities in combat.

This means that you have at your disposal a wide range of abilities, from fireballs to skeleton summoning, healing allies or even teleportation.

Will it be possible to improve and customize our heroes?

As they fight, heroes accumulate more and more experience until they level-up. Each level increases their stats, and provides them some Skill points to upgrade their abilities. Lowered cooldown, more damage, more range, or entirely new effects, you definitely want to check them out.

Heroes will reach their full potential at level 20, with 3 enhancements per ability.
Continuously improving your heroes' capabilities is key to your success, especially as you venture in the hardest difficulty modes.

In addition, heroes can equip runes to improve basic stats such as their attack, health, speed, critical hits and many more.

Finally, as you play, you will be able to unlock new skins for your heroes. Those cosmetic choices offer alternate appearance and/or color scheme for any given Hero. Pick your favourite!

Heroes as well as many other aspects of the game are upgradable through the village that will be shown next time, so stay tuned.


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