Hello there, and welcome to our second development blog about Sanctuaries!
Today we are going to talk about the foes you will face and the traps you can lay to fend them off.

Why are the conquistadors so mean?

Conquistadors are coming and they're after your gold! Their insatiable greed drives them to sack your temples where your most beautiful treasures are kept.
They cannot be reasoned with so it’s up to you to use every means available to repel them!
Your main tool to achieve that objective, besides your valorous heroes, resides in your ability to design dangerous traps.

What kinds of traps are available to the player?

The player can unlock a collection of eighteen unique traps, but may only select a few of them in the battleground.
Most of them inflict various types of damage to your foes: physical, fire, water, poison and bleeding.
But you can rely on your ingenious craftsmen to design effective traps with more specific effects to slow down and hinder the conquistadors.

Sanctuaries is all about experimentation. In that spirit, you can upgrade your traps in the Workshop with a wide range of enhancements and try different configurations.

Since the battlegrounds have unique layouts and varying enemy types, there is no perfect one-size-fits-all loadout and you'll need to adapt your strategies to the challenge at hand. Be creative!

From sharp spikes to poisoned arrows, from burning embers to pools of boiling water or mud, not to mention barricades or giant fans (!), nothing is too extreme to repel the conquistadors.

What will the enemy army be like?

The first conquistadors were not an homogeneous force and we wanted to keep the idea of a bunch of individuals driven by different goals and backgrounds.
To reflect this, the conquistadors’ army includes various units including pikemen, crossbowmen, adventurers, priests, engineers and more.
Expect some of them to give you a hard time with their unique abilities!

Indeed, in addition to their specific resistance to certain types of damage, some enemies have their very own skills that they regularly use in combat to gain the upper hand.
For instance the crossbowman shots deadly bolts at your troops from a distance. The priest heals his allies or himself. The engineer can block the traps he finds in his path. And finally, the sapper may destroy obstacles, such as barricades, that are in his way to create weaknesses in your defenses.

That’s it for now, stay tuned for more information on our beloved traps in the coming weeks,


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