Hello there, and welcome to our fourth development blog about Sanctuaries!
We’re going to talk about your capital city, the place where you will spend some time between fights.

How important is your city in the game?

The city acts as a central hub for the player, a main menu of sorts within the Aztec universe.
After each battle, you will return there to prepare for the next challenges that await you.
There is plenty to do here! From unlocking heroes and improving traps, to check out available quests and collect daily rewards.

We wanted the menu to reflect Aztec civilization as much as possible, while echoing the villages of Sacrifices, our previous game. As such, each of the main buildings represents a feature for the player to explore.
The village is also a place full of life with its inhabitants, busy with their daily routines, but never shy to share their thoughts.

Which building can you visit?

Your city houses seven main buildings. The workshop, the training ground, the watchtower, the temple, the spirits’ shelter, the sacrificial altar and finally the marketplace.
The workshop and training ground allow you to unlock and upgrade traps and heroes respectively. Heroes can also equip different skins, and a multitude of runes that will enhance their abilities to fight the invaders. Those runes can be collected by various means, or directly crafted in the spirits’ shelter thanks to Xoco.
The watchtower is where you will find your campaign map and choose the location of your next battle. Select a difficulty and test your limits to fend off enemy assaults on your sanctuaries.
The temple lets you upgrade divine favors, which are powerful abilities in limited supply. Use them thoughtfully as they can turn the tide of battle in an instant.
The sacrificial altar is your main source of blood offerings, one of the most important currencies to progress in the game.

Finally, the marketplace, where you can trade currencies, divine favors and special packs.

But that's not all! Beyond those features, you’ll have access to quests, daily rewards and mini-games!

Can we personalize our city?

As you progress through the game, you'll gain new types of villagers to populate your city. You can activate or deactivate them as you see fit.
You also have a kind of crest to personalize, in the form of a shield that represents your city. It will be displayed on flags scattered around the village for instance. You can choose the emblem, background pattern, material, and the shield’s ornaments. And don’t forget the colors!

That concludes this fourth Q&A. See you soon for more news.

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