Fresh, hot, and ready to hit your favorite app store: say Hi to Sacrifices version 1.9!

This new version features the ability to download the game from, a special Easter event as well as various interface enhancements.

Sacrifices coming to

Adding to the usual roster of Google Play and Apple App Store, Sacrifices has just made its entry to indie game platform!

You may find the game there coming in a "vanilla" flavor: an .apk file.
This version of the game feature no in-game store, no ads and no Google Play Games integration, but Spooky Universe integration is included so you can jump from Google Play or Game Center to itch with no issue.

Link to our store page

Stacked inventory view

Inventory management in Sacrifices has always been quite chaotic, and following popular demand we attempted to bring a little bit of order to it.

When rummaging through the items in your village, be it for giving one of them to a follower or for recycling, you will now be greeted with a properly sorted view.

As you can see, items are now stacked by type and sorted by rarity. This should make selection a tad less difficult, we hope!

Building order

A very modest alteration here, but we would rather notify you of the change: when you want to start a construction, the building selection list has been slightly reordered.

Starting this version, the Well and Totem are located just after the Expeditions building, in order to better reflect the order they are (often) unlocked.

Village exit on inactivity

Who never left the game on while doing something else, or fell asleep when playing comfortably, only to return to a village in fire filled with enemies?

Well, more than once we did! And it was time to do something.

From this version onward, after 10 minutes of inactivity (no tap on screen) the game will issue a 10-second warning, then automatically save, exit and bring you back to the map screen.

This should prevent most accidents.

New events

Starting now and ending on April 19th, a new special event is taking place to celebrate Easter.

Do not forget to check the in-app News and claim you special Easter Egg card. That one should help boost the growth of your villages!

Plus, rumor has it that some more events have already be sprinkled all over the year, but who knows.

Various improvements

  • In the Follower page, tapping the location icon now exits the page and highlights the Follower
  • A text now informs you when no power can be used on target
  • A new translation joins the family: Catalan! Now 4% translated
  • Turkish translation coverage is now 27%
  • As usual, some bugs were squashed as we went along

Aaaaand, that's pretty much it for today, thanks for reading.

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