Hello there, and welcome to our first development blog about Sanctuaries!

In it, we will answer questions regarding our new game and its connection to the previous one, Sacrifices.

Describe Sanctuaries in a few words

Sanctuaries is a tower defense / Hero RPG. The player leads an Aztec city that must face a great threat: the conquistadors' invasion.

They will search for their way through the maze of corridors of your sanctuaries and it will be up to you to lay traps and stop them.

In addition to your traps, you will control several heroes with a wide array of powers inherited from the Aztec deities they are inspired by.

Why did you choose to make a tower defense game?

While this is a classic game genre, it fulfills one of the strongest demands that players have for our previous game, Sacrifices: more combat.

To further contribute to the battle-oriented nature of Sanctuaries, we have added RPG elements to the formula with the addition of heroes that have special powers. These heroes will be controlled directly by the player during battle phases, in a similar fashion to MOBA.

Outside of the battle phase, the player will be able to improve their skills, give them new equipment and skins.

Although the focus of Sanctuaries is different from Sacrifices, we have kept some management and customization elements. Thus the main menu represents the player's own city, with its buildings and inhabitants to develop and customize.

What connection is there between Sanctuaries and Sacrifices?

Sacrifices and Sanctuaries share their Mesoamerican universe with a strong Aztec inspiration. While Sacrifices is set in an earlier period of the continent, Sanctuaries takes a leap in time and puts the player in a world inspired by the early 16th century.

This is the arrival of a major outside threat: the cruel conquistadors. The game challenges you to fight them and try to reverse the course of history by pushing back the European invasion.

We are also working on changing the graphic style to give the characters more personality and make them stand out individually. While in Sacrifices the protagonists are essentially a uniform mass of followers, in Sanctuaries they are heroes that you can control and customize.

We hope you are excited as we are


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