Today we are introducing a slight change in the forum: the Suggestion board.


Until now, suggestions and ideas for the games have been scattered all around the forum and on Discord, that makes for an increasingly difficult experience when:

  • You, the community, want to know if an idea of yours has already been submitted by someone else.
  • We, the staff, want to know which evolution of the games and services you actually desire the most.

As such, starting today, forum posts with the Suggestion tag are now treated differently from the usual posts and have special visibility in the Suggestion board.

Suggestion posts

From now on, a post with the Suggestion tag bears a special meaning on the forum.
It is the expression of a single idea to add to the game, that can then be upvoted by the community, prioritized by Spooky Games, and – why not! – eventually added to the game.

As such, posts with the Suggestion tag are subject to specific rules:

  • Each post should refer to a single suggestion, like "It would be nice to pet armadillos in Sacrifices" rather than "Here are all my ideas for Sacrifices".
  • Suggestions must be written in English, for everyone to read and comment on equally.
  • There is absolutely no problem in creating several posts in a row, one for each idea.
  • Suggestion posts and their comments are special, they cannot be liked but their first message can be upvoted instead. Upvotes are visible from the main page.
  • We might subsequently alter a suggestion post in order to better follow these rules, so the idea expressed might evolve over time.

The board

The suggestion board is a part of the forum, accessible from the top bar.
This "board" is simply composed of every Suggestion post sorted by upvotes, a mere shortcut meant to help visibility.

What does this mean in the end?

Say you have an idea for Sacrifices that you think would greatly improve the gaming experience.
You can now directly head over to the Suggestion board and see if your idea was already submitted by another player.
If that is the case, then you might comment on the existing post to propose improvements, or upvote it and help make it reach the top of the board!
Otherwise, you could create a new post detailing your idea and see if others support it.

On our side, when pondering over what could be added to the game, we will look for inspiration on the Suggestion board and give a higher priority to the most upvoted suggestions.
We can of course give no guarantee that every suggestion will eventually be implemented in the game, but the reason why they are not added can and will be justified in the discussion.

Side note

This change is not coming alone.
Tags Condor, Father and Sins and Off-Topic have been removed as they were very rarely used.
Existing suggestion posts not matching the rule above have lost their tag. Contact us if you wish them reinstated.

Hope that is all clear!

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