This Monday, we are not unveiling a new patch for Sacrifices but the recent availability of two community-based tools: say hi to the new forum and its friend the translation server.


Come and join us on the brand new Spooky Games forum! Obtaining the answers you need about our games and keeping up-to-date with the activity at Spooky Games has never been that easy.

Tags in Flarum

You will probably notice the somewhat unusual structure of this forum. As a matter of fact, we at Spooky Games think that traditional forums may often feel clunky and lack clarity. This is why we opted for Flarum, a more modern and lightweight solution. You will find no strictly delimited categories there, only primary and secondary tags that you assign to threads in order to sort them. Do not let this intimidate you, it proves very simple to use in no time!


Sacrifices is not available in your favorite language? You wish Condor was in klingon? Say no more and come add your contribution to our games translations!

Projects in Weblate

It is quite easy to start, simply create an account on the service then specify the languages you would be willing to read and write. The website will then point you to projects in need of help in your languages of choice.

Translate with Weblate

This solution (Weblate) allows us to check the progress and status of translations at a glance and in every language. It also enables anyone to contribute as they wish to the project in order to reach a full 100% completion, line after line, word after word. For instance, here is the current translation progress for in-game content in Sacrifices.

Translation status

Side note

Both the forum and traduction websites are independent. It means that they do not share user accounts so if you want to use both, you will have to create an account on each. In order to make this easier, we invite you to login with Google authentication which is available on both sites. Do not hesitate to ask if you prefer other authentication solutions.

Connect with Google (Flarum) Connect with Google (Weblate)

See you soon!

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