We received a New Year gift already, as Sacrifices has exceeded 100,000 downloads! It is obvious then that we are continuing to develop Sacrifices to provide the best possible experience for all our new players. To start this new year, patch 10 is scheduled for Saturday January 13th and will contain new additions, which are listed below.

First and most important addition, welcome a new language: Spanish. The translation was entirely done by Coline Ferrant, huge thanks to her! This is a Castilian Spanish translation with some typically Mexican expressions, in order to suit the Aztec spirit of the game. It was one of the most requested translations and we hope that it will satisfy those for whom it is intended!

Screenshot in Spanish

As Spanish is not the only language requested, we will also set up community translation tools. Each volunteer will be able to participate in the translation of the game from a set language (English, French, Spanish) to an unsupported language (Portuguese, Turkish, Russian...). To facilitate exchanges with the community and the organization of translations, we will also set a forum up. All this will be hosted on our website and of course, we will keep you informed about the progress!

The second important addition is a first rebalance of injuries and illnesses. In the end, the hygiene system will operate in a totally different way, but until the system is revamped we will drastically reduce the number of illnesses and injuries. The healing mechanism was meant to be realistic and fun, but for many players it is becoming more of a burden.

Patch 10 will also contain a lot of small additions and fixes. In no particular order: thieves no longer set fire to the village, closer/farther zooming, village miniatures will no longer be generated during save (which caused crashes), and as always bugfixes, less crashes, and optimization.

Lastly, following a number of requests, the game's musical theme is available on our YouTube channel:

Happy New Year 2018 to all!

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