It's been about a month and a half since Sacrifices came out, which gives us an opportunity to look back on its exploitation and our plans for the future.

The game has been downloaded over 6,000 times, with approximately 4,000 downloads on Android and 2,500 on iOS. Which is not so bad for our first "real" game! On the other hand, the financial results do not live up to our expectations. Hence the need for us to come out with other concepts for new games and not simply working full time on improving Sacrifices. Needless to say, we always provide user support on Sacrifices and even more as we currently release around one patch per week to fix the remaining bugs and improve stability. However, additional content is postponed until we make the game stable and bug-free.

Father and Sins banner

Now let's talk about our future plans. We just finished a first prototype game called Father and Sins. Released on pc, android and web, it is available for download on Game principle is quite simple: you play as a priest who receives his flock in his confessional. Every devotee exposes his moral dilemma to you and you must decide whether they deserve absolution or punishment. Your answers have consequences on three gauges: debauchery, lucre and violence. The goal is to balance these gauges, in order to avoid being too strict or too permissive. If a gauge is filled or emptied completely, the game is over. In order to win, you must balance your gauges through 20 confessions.

Father and Sins screenshot Father and Sins screenshot You can also send us your own confessions, which will be integrated into the game.

This first prototype also allowed us to familiarize with a new game engine, Godot 3.0 and a new animation software, Spine. We plan to use them for our next prototypes, which we'll talk about next time.

Stay tuned for more good news!

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