After a tumultuous first round, Here comes the time of a brand new iteration for our latest game, Sacrifices. Thanks to all the nice people who volunteered to test our previous beta (that really helped us a lot!) the game really got its share of quality improvements.

Without further ado, here's a quick glimpse at the content we added since last beta.


Two different kinds of enemy are getting ready to swoop down on your village.

Thieves are looking forward to steal all the precious goods stored in your warehouses, so do not let them get close. Beware though, as some of them err on the arsonist side and cannot wait to put fire to the first building in range.

Cannibals do not care about your resources. What they want more than anything is to put their hands on the weak and the young. Watch over your children constantly!

Beware new enemies!


Now is the time to send followers to more adventurous trips! From the Explorer camp, assemble parties from your most talented followers to find glory and riches in dreadful expeditions.

A brand new explorer camp


Gather materials from successful expeditions and put them to good use. It is now possible to create weapons and outfits straight from the new crafting buildings. Every object you craft might unlock a new recipe for an even more interesting item so do not hesitate a single second and make your craftsmen work work work work work without a break.

Craft buildings sample, not for sale


The totem was already available for aesthetics purposes only and had no special effect. Not anymore, as the totem you knew and loved has turned into quite an interesting building.

Every dancer you assign to the totem brings a global boost to the whole village. You can also unlock special dances to increase production or faith on a global scale!

Jumping all over the world

And more

Adding to this, the new beta features many small enhancements and clarifications, especially regarding the user interface (once again, a big thank you to all our benevolent testers). Animations around the sacrifice are also far nicer, we optimised memory usage and we should have solved more bugs than we added so that's all good.

We also hope this new beta will be the last one before the official release on Android. As always, if you want to have the best game experience we invite you to wait a little longer for the official release date, which should happen in less than a month, fingers crossed. We still have content to add and details to smooth out and with your continuous support nothing should stop us now!

If on the other hand you cannot wait feel free to try out the latest beta on Google Play!

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