Enter the jungle

Rule and guide a mesoamerican village through the vicissitudes of everyday life in the heart of a ruthless jungle.

Manage a cute rural village, be the heartless divinity you always intended to be and suffer our debatable humor in this god-game-meets-town-sim.

Decide who is worthy of your tremendous powers, earn the faith of your followers, and gift them with divine knowledge to rebuild the great city that is now in ruins.

Welcome to a world where you live only through the faith of your followers! Keep them in line, but be careful, as they could lose faith and you may very well be just another forgotten god...

Rebuild a city in ruins

  • Repair and expand your village to give it back its glory of yesteryear
  • Plan your economy, assign your followers to various tasks according to their skills
  • Gather materials to expand your village and its various facilities
  • Use resources to build new buildings and increase production in your village

Take care of your followers

  • Ensure the basic needs of your followers by gathering food and medicinal herbs
  • Each of your followers is unique with their name, skills and traits
  • Craft weapons and outfits for your followers
  • Rename your followers, change their gender, their outfits, their weapons, rejuvenate or age them according to your desires!

Protect them, earn their faith

  • Use your divine powers to heal your followers and protect them from enemy attacks!
  • Answer the prayers of your followers, increase their faith, and gain access to a set of powers: Fireball, Earthquake, and much more!
  • Sacrifice your followers to unlock new technologies needed for the expansion of the village!

Explore the jungle

  • Launch expeditions through the wild jungle and discover its many treasures!
  • Choose your explorers carefully: each follower impacts the success of the expedition differently depending on his or her personality!
  • Find new legendary weapons and outfits and discover their stories!
  • Take revenge on enemy tribes, or convince them to join you!

Adventure awaits!

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