Let's witness together the formidable landing of Spooky Games on Apple's platform! As of today, Condor is available on iTunes and we're quite happy of the feat. Interested? Look around here.

The iOS brew of Condor is compatible with iOS starting from version 7.0 onwards and behaves pretty similarly to the Android version: free (supported by an occasional interstitial ad), achievements unlockable through GameCenter and leaderboard access.

Condor iOS - Screenshot

Bonus, scores sent from an iOS device will be distinguished from the other ones with a specific icon, so show us who's the best!

Cross-platform leaderboard - Screenshot

Additionally, you can try a demo version of the game on itch.io, though the online leaderboards won’t be available from here.

Condor itch.io - Screenshot

Happy falling!

Condor on iTunes

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