A quick rundown of questions past. If you can't find your answer, don't hesitate to ask for it on our forum.


This game is lagging like hell!

Sacrifices can be very hungry at time, indeed. To relieve the burden on your device, you may set graphical settings to SD instead of HD, and put Ambient Volume to 0. If none of this is working, your device is probably not powerful enough to run the game. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Sometimes my game exits instantly without any error message. What happened? I cannot load the game.

Your device is probably running low on memory, which means that Sacrifices needs too much RAM for your device to handle. Please refer to the tips above to improve game performance.

I have a Moto E or Moto G and the game freezes only seconds after I start playing. Fix it please?

It seems we have an ongoing issue with the Moto G / Moto E phone family as their sound driver makes the whole game hang. We have yet to find a proper solution, in the meantime a quick fix is to set Ambient Volume to 0 in the settings.

I try to load my saved game but get an “Unable to load game entities, sorry!” error. What should I do?

There is not a lot you can do now, as we have yet to find a solution to this issue. Next update should provide the option to send us your save files so that we can find a proper fix. In the meantime, please keep your saved game aside and play on another village.

Game help

There is no defense against thieves or cannibals!

You must equip your followers with weapons for them to be able to protect the village. They will patrol and attack enemies on sight! Followers with the Pugilist trait are able to fight with no weapon.

I can’t kill zealots with my godly powers! Why?

Zealots believe in another, probably powerful god and there is nothing to stop them before it is (almost) too late. You are however not totally powerless against them. Find them, and touch them to make them fall. Be wary though, as they may resist to your godly push, so you will have to do it again until they fall for good!

So boring to heal every follower! I am a god, do something!

A power of mass healing, which will heal and cure every follower inside the village, is available at the totem. It costs 6,000 power points to launch, and you will probably need an enhanced temple to be able to collect as many. Be aware, however, that the next update will completely overhaul the health and disease / injury system. Stay tuned!


Could you translate the game into ____?

Unfortunately we do not speak any language other than French and English nor do we have the financial resources to hire a professional translator. However, we recently installed an online community-based translation tool. Head over to weblate and see if you can help build Sacrifices in your own language. For more information, visit our forum or contact us.