A new version of Sacrifices will be hitting the stores quite soon: 1.7.

What's new:

Player name

Your name as a player is now unique and dissociated from the names of your villages, which should lead to more consistent calls to you in your follower's prayers.
On first launch, you will be asked what your player name is. It can be the name of one of your villages if you want, so you can basically continue to play as before.

If need be, it is also possible to change the name of a village by heading over to the Forum window and renaming it as you would a follower.

UI improvements

UI-wise, lots of small-time improvements were added all around. We also completely remade the Follower window.

Ad reward multiplier

Since the day we introduced ads as an optional mechanism to gain cards, the daily ad limit has been 2.
Well, it still is limited to 2 ads / day, but now watching the second one just after the first one brings twice the rewards!

Various bugfixes

Better handling of iPhoneX screen, and the game no longer crashes when playing with the Chinese language in HD mode.


Here is the current status regarding community translations of the game (translations < 1% omitted):

Release train

The next minor versions 1.7.x should focus on other quality of life improvements, make navigation in the game easier, allow changing your player name, and improve the early game experience which definitely suffered from our latest updates.

That's all for now

Does any of that sound good to you? We'd like to hear!


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