You may have seen it appear in Sacrifices recently, but its presence was rather subtle...

We announce today the dawn of the Spooky Universe!

There is still a long way to go to achieve our idea for this, but here is what you can already tell you about:

  • The Spooky Universe account is the same account you might already use for the Forum and the Translation hub.
  • Use it to safely store your villages and purchases from Sacrifices in case of data loss or if you wish to switch to a new device. (Supports migration between iOS and Android!)
  • Save your Condor and Sacrifices achievements to unlock avatars and titles, that you will eventually be able to show off in the games and on the forum (if you are already using a custom avatar on the forum, this will replace it)

Of course, the Spooky Universe is developed in-house, and all the data stored using the Spooky Universe remain your property. As such, you remain at liberty to ask for their deletion at any time and they will never be used for advertisement, analytics, ...

So wait no more and head over to the Spooky Universe!

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