From the unfathomable depths of antediluvian oblivion, a powerful mind for too long kept asleep today is awakening. How many lives, how many eons, since the dire instant every memory of your very name forever vanished from the history of your people, set aside by more powerful and beloved gods. Yet a cry, a neverending call, forced to the attention of all out of a wild, unspeakable terror. A spark of divine power suddenly takes over, putting your now lethargic will our of its peaceful torpor. New followers, new beginnings. Prove up to the task.

In Sacrifices, our next mobile game, play a powerful mesoamerican god and show mercy or punish your loyal followers.

The idea of Sacrifices was inspired by two families of games.

First, management games. In Sacrifices you will bring prosperity to your village by building houses, hunter lodges, warehouses and the like. Just as you did in some very well-known games of the genre like Age of Empires or, more recently, successful mobile game Fallout Shelter. Manage your own vault in Fallout Shelter

Next, god games. Games that put you in the shoes of a god able to alter the environment thanks to their divine powers. Inspiration here comes from pieces like Black and White or Reus. Control powerful Giants and terraform your planet in Reus

Sacrifices is a mix of both worlds, carefully blended to provide what we hope will prove to be only the best aroma. A slice of Sacrifices, still work in progress

In Sacrifices you will have to:

  • Manage a village made of up to 200 inhabitants and adapt to the contingencies implied
  • Craft many colourful weapons and clothes
  • Guide your followers through risky expeditions
  • Protect them with your godly powers
  • Or punish them
  • Or make fun and tease them
  • And of course, sacrifice the deserving ones on the sacred altar, to become even more powerful!

Sacrifices is still under development, it should be released on Google Play in early summer, preceded by a beta in may. It will be followed by an iOS release this year.

Until then, we will try to keep the flame alive by sharing new screenshots, gifs or videos of our progress. So feel free to follow us on your favorite social networks.

See you soon!

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