Let’s unveil this brand new blog with an introductory post and talk about who we are.

We are Spooky Games, an independent video game studio from France, and more precisely from the city of Nantes. We are young, we are three (for now at least) and for a couple of years, we specialized in aborted projects. So we decided that we should create our own studio and finish some of our game projects.

Our aspiration is to create games from start to finish. Each one of us thus has his own speciality: Arthur is our game programmer, Guilhem our game artist and Maxime our animator and audio engineer. Furthermore, we all take part in the task of designing and balancing our games.

For now, our studio focuses on mobile games for Android, as it is the simplest and fastest way to get a game project done. Mobile games give us the opportunity to practice our skills, try things, and sometimes fail without too serious consequences. However, we attempt to follow some ethical rules, like not making any “pay to win” game, nor inserting cumbersome ads in our games.

Finally, if everything goes as expected, and we manage to make it through, our long term plan is to go back to PC games, our favorite platform.

Let the fun begin

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