The conquistadors just landed and they are coming for your treasure!

You must protect your Sanctuaries against this new threat. Take arms, lay down traps, improve your empire and lead your Heroes into battle to repel the invaders!

Fight off the conquistadors

Conquistadors are coming and they're after your gold! Their insatiable greed drives them to sack your temples where your most beautiful treasures are kept. They cannot be reasoned with so it’s up to you to use every means available to repel them!

  • Welcome to the Aztec coast: More than twenty different levels with unique layouts. Fight in an idyllic setting of sandy beaches and turquoise waters.
  • Numerous enemies with different characteristics, resistances and abilities like the speedy scout or the slow, armoured veteran, not forgetting the cunning engineer nor the suicidal sapper!

Lay down deadly traps

Defend yourself by laying traps on walls and floor of your labyrinthine sanctuaries. You must protect your treasure room at all costs!

  • Eighteen unique traps! From sharp spikes to poisoned arrows, from burning embers to pools of boiling water or mud, not to mention barricades or giant fans (!), nothing is too extreme to repel the conquistadors.
  • Be strategic! There are numerous traps, but you may only select a few. Choose wisely based on the various damage they inflict: physical, fire, water, poison and bleeding.
  • Adapt your loadout: Different battlegrounds and varying enemy types mean that there is no perfect one-size-fits-all loadout of traps.
  • Experimentation is the key: Upgrade your traps in the workshop with a wide range of enhancements and try different configurations. Be creative!

Lead your heroes in battle

Empowered by the Aztec deities, your heroes are the real thing. Your success against the invaders lies with them.

  • Four unique heroes: possessing varying degrees of strength and speed, they can either charge into the fray or attack safely from afar.
  • Deadly powers at your fingertips: Each hero comes with two core abilities and an Ultimate. From fireballs to skeleton summoning, healing allies or even teleportation.
  • Improve and customize them all: Get experience in combat, level-up, upgrade your heroes’ abilities et equip them with enchanted runes. Pick your favorite skin and get a new appearance!
  • You are in charge! You have full control over how your heroes behave and when they use their abilities. You'll be responsible for their success... or failure.

Make your empire thrive

Since the war, most of your city's inhabitants have stayed indoors. Set up the empire’s defense and bring back your city to its former glory.

  • Citizens at your service: Unlock and Visit seven main buildings in which you'll find craftsmen, merchants and nobles ready to support you in the ongoing war.
  • Choose your crest: Personalize your own aztec shield with plenty of emblems, patterns, colors and ornaments to choose from.
  • Repopulate your city: Gain new types of villagers and follow them in their daily routine.
  • Beat the many challenges: Follow numerous quests to get exclusive rewards or try your luck in the Pyramid of Fortune!

Adventure awaits!

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