Hello adventurers!

This latest update offers a host of previously announced features and a few more quality-of-life improvements:

New gamemode: Merciless! In this competitive challenge, you'll have to battle endless waves of enemies to climb the multiplayer leaderboard
New hero: Yaotl! This new melee hero always seek a fight to inflict massive damage. Although she's the slowest of all our heroes, she's also the toughest
• A new 'Bloodshed' indicator has been added! This will allow you to make the most of this feature, which makes a major contribution to your score
• The scores screen has been reworked to let you know how you earned your points, and how you can improve
• The list of enemies encountered on a given battlefield is now displayed before you go into battle

Next update

The time has come for a new campaign (new battlefields, foes, traps, hero) and we'll be bringing you news on this in the coming weeks.

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