Hello everyone! Here's what we have for you in this week's update:
• The first Daily Quests are here! Once the required prestige rank has been reached, you will unlock up to three new objectives of increasing difficulty. Complete them at your own pace, as they are renewed daily only if you finished them.
Don't forget to collect your hard earned rewards, a bunch of prestige tokens, to help you progress even faster in the Prestige system.
• Minor balancing on a few levels that were deemed too hard
• The usual bugfixes and improvements thanks to your valuable feedback

While we wanted to put the Daily Quests feature in your hands as soon as possible, we are not done with it. We plan to quickly add more quests with greater variety, slightly improve their overall appearance, and even more importantly add the ability to change a quest you're not interested in.

The Cloud Save, a feature allowing you to save your progress remotely and share it between your devices, is a requested feature we're actively working on and hope to share with you soon.

See you next time!

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