Hello adventurers!

While the previous updates were all about fixing bugs and balancing adjustments, we look forward to bring out new content for the game. With that in mind, the upcoming patch targetted for this April will add a new gamemode, a leaderboard, and a new hero.

Show no mercy!

Those of you with an eye for detail may have already caught a glimpse of the new gamemode icon on the campaign map. Each level will now offer an extra difficult setting called Merciless.

In this competitive challenge, you'll have to battle endless waves of enemies to climb the multiplayer leaderboard. The ever-changing waves will offer a new and unique challenge with each attempt. Give it your best shot and try to reach the top of the leaderboard!

A new hero has appeared!

To help you overcome this tough challenge, we’re introducing a new hero, Yaotl: Matriarch of War. Here is an overview of her abilities.

This new melee hero always seek a fight to inflict massive damage. Although she's the slowest of all our heroes, she's also the toughest. Furthermore, her abilities largely make up for her slow pace by enabling her to make giant leaps or increasing her speed.
See you next time!

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